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作為國家級高新技術企業,擁有以高級工程師、博士、碩士為主的研發人員 15人,涵蓋食品科學與工程、食品工藝、食品營養與衛生、臨床營養、藥物制劑等專業,及總價值近1000萬的研發檢測及中試設備。公司與美國伊利諾伊州香檳大學、加拿大WELLGENEX SIENCES INC.、中山大學、西北大學、天津科技大學、總后裝備食品研究所等科研院所建立了廣泛的技術合作關系,技術力量雄厚。成立至今共獲得專利13項,軟件著作權4項。

2011年至今先后承擔國家科技支撐計劃臨床營養關鍵技術及產品開發(項目編號:2011BAZ03384 )、863計劃藥食同源生物資源活性成分高效利用制劑關鍵技術研究(項目編號:2014AA022205 及多項省市技術創新等科研項目研究。

Xi’an Li Bang Clinical Nutrition Co., Ltd is specialized in independent development, production, and sales of FSMP(Food for Special Medical Purpose). The company was established in August, 1999, and reformed to a listed company in August, 2015. (Stock abbreviation: LBYY, Stock code: 835791) on February 1, 2016. Our company’s headquarters is based in Xi’an ZTE Industrial Park, which is located in Xi’an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

As we are in the Internet plus era, e-commerce is much more popular than before. Therefore, in order to keep update on the new operating pattern, we developed an internet-based interactive platform that named "Kangfukuai" in 2013. Meanwhile, the “Kangfukuai” application can also be downloaded in online store. Through “Kangfukuai”, patients can communicate with a doctor or a nutritionist on the mobile terminals, like smart phones, tablet devices, or computers, to obtain some professional nutrition advices.

As a high-tech enterprise in China, the staffs in Research and Development(R&D) Department are all senior engineers, doctors and masters who are majored in Food Science and Engineering, Food Technology, Food Nutrition and Hygiene, Clinical Nutrition, Pharmaceutical Preparations etc. The R&D department also equipped the R&D test and pilot-scale facilities which worth 10 million yuan. In addition, we have cooperated with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and WELLGENEX SIENCES INC. in north American for 16 years. Besides, in China, long-term cooperation was built between us and many universities and first-class research institutions, such as Sun Yat-sen University, Northwest University, and Tianjin University Of Science & technology. We have already had the ownership of 13 patents and 4 software copyrights that lead us go professional.

Since 2011, we have take over the responsibilities of numerous national researches. For example, the National Sci-tech Support Plan-“the Development of the Products and Key Techniques of Clinical Nutrition” (Project No. 2011BAZ03384), the 863 program-“Research on the Key Technology of Efficient Utilization of the Active Ingredient Preparations from the Medicine Edible Biological Resources”(Project No. 2014AA022205), and some provincial innovation projects.

Xi’an Li Bang Clinical Nutrition Co., Ltd has been the leader of Enteral Nutrition Preparation industry in past 20 years.

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